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Movement is life. Our cells are in constant motion, always changing and adapting to the environment. Your heart beats and your blood is flowing through your veins. Cells are repairing, neurons are dying.

According to statistics, Australians are not very active, with 57% not getting enough exercise and doing less than thirty minutes of activity per day. An alarming statistic shows that we can spend up to eighteen hours sitting, with travelling in a car or public transport, then sitting at a desk all day before coming back home to sit on the couch.

Sedentary jobs have increased from the industrialisation age to the information or computer age. There is a decrease of manual labour and an increase in digital-based distribution and manufacturing. Therefore, we see an increase of injuries due to sitting for extended periods of time. These include neck pain, back pain, poor posture, weight gain and more. Sedentary work environments are a major concern in our urban life. Unfortunately, regular exercise at gym may not make up for the fact that you have a sedentary job. We are meant to be continually active. Movement throughout your day and increasing what is called incidental exercising is important to increasing your health and wellbeing.

In this course you will learn the importance of correctly functioning musculoskeletal system and it’s effect on your current exercise routine.

Included in this course is a complete functional exercise program that covers strength and flexibility.

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