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Dr. Debra’s 30 Day Health Challenge




Dr. Debra’s Complete Health Challenge is like no other. It will allow you to achieve your health goals, by the proven EAT, MOVE, THINK method. It has the Food, Exercise and Mindset covered which has been proven to be the only way to achieve your goals and sustain the results for life.

It includes:

  • 30 days of fresh (not frozen) dinners.  All meals will be balanced, nutritious and delivered to your door, saving you money, time and energy. These meals are designed to help you lose weight ,increase energy, health and well being.
  • EAT – Online recipes, meal plans and nutritional advice by qualified nutritionist.
  • MOVE – Online Videos on Dr. Debra’s Functional training program. This will help you get fit, tone up and remain injury free.
  • THINK- Dr. Debra’s unique “CARE” program will allow you to  set your  goals, execute them and succeed, even if you have failed in the past with other programs.
  • Debra’s “CARE” system has been proven to help people  achieve success in all aspects of your life.
  • Two group consultations with Dr. Debra
  • Members only site

Facebook private group to share ideas, goals and have a support group.

Investment $ 599.00  or 2 installments of $ 320.00

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