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Eat For Better Health

‘Eat’ covers the latest nutrition research: why our modern diet has affected our health, the cause of many chronic diseases, why some women have weight issues and hormonal imbalances, and why women’s health today will affect our children’s and grandchildren’s health.

Move For Better Health

In this course you will learn the importance of correctly functioning  musculoskeletal system and it’s effect on your current exercise routine. Included in this course is a complete functional exercise program that covers strength and flexibility.

Think For Better Health

So this course should be called “THINK, LEARN AND THRIVE”. In this course we uncover methods to establish and keep good health habits for life. My easy to follow C.A.R.E systems allow you to consciously understand why we have trouble establishing and retaining new habits.

Dr. Debra’s 30 Day Health Challenge

Dr. Debra’s Complete Health Challenge is like no other. It will allow you to achieve your health goals, by the proven EAT, MOVE, THINK method. It has the Food, Exercise and Mindset covered which has been proven to be the only way to achieve your goals and sustain the results for life.