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Do you want your employees motivated, energized and engaged? My “IGNITE your Health” seminar will have your employees motivated, refocused and ready to improve their wellbeing. This results in improved  staff morale and increases productivity.

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Dr Debra Villar is a sought after media commentator and regularly contributes to a variety of publications.

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Dr Debra Villar

Speaker, Wellness Coach and Author

Dr. Debra has over 17 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry. One of her passions is to ensure all her clients obtain optimal health through her ‘eat, move, think’ philosophy.

She is the director of one of the largest multidisciplinary healthcare centres in Sydney’s CBD, established for over sixteen years, where she currently cares for clients with the health paradigm in mind. Her focus is on corporate health and wellbeing, where she is a sought-after speaker on evolutionary health. Her company Complete Corporate Wellness provides real health solutions for major corporations.

Dr Debra has successfully provided health coaching to major companies and in turn improved their health and wellbeing. Her unique approach to health has allowed thousands of busy people to achieve optimal vitality.
She is a full time working mum to three beautiful children – Isaiah, Kael and Maya. She also lives the urban woman life, and understands first hand how modern day demands can affect our health and wellbeing.


Four Steps to Health


Real food, real fast. We are all living busy lives, however our food can be fast and also healthy. Join me to discover how to eliminate bad food habits all while adding delicious food that will heal and nourish your body.


Movement is life. Functional movements, flexibility and posture are some of the essential elements for a fit and injury free life.


We all desire to live a healthy dis-ease free life. But why is it so hard to change? My C.A.R.E system will allow you to establish healthy habits for life.


Knowledge is power. I encourage to share your knowledge learnt regarding health and wellness.

Urban Woman Syndrome



Let Dr. Debra Villar take you in a journey towards true health with all things nutrition, exercise and mindset.

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Dr Debra has over 15 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry.

One of her passions is to ensure her clients obtain optimal health through her ‘Eat, Move, Think’ philosophy.

She coaches individuals and teams, helping them reach their health goals.